About Jed

An authentic man with a vision, passionate about making life better for everyone I come in contact with!

  • Enthusiastic for knowledge
  • Born to enjoy the journey
  • Proud father of two Awesome human beings
  • Published Author of “Why Can’t We Say What We Mean”
  • Co-Authoring Breaking free of self-imposed limitations: Beyond Positive Thinking
  • Working on Book 3 “Transformations of an Authentic Man”
  • Hosted the Success Curve Show
  • Guiding Companies To Stretch Their Creative Boundaries (Creative Strategists, Inc.)
  • Global Thinker, Local Creator
  • Doctoral Student


As President & CEO of LifeStyles Unlimited, Co., a business development and communication consulting firm, Jed A. Reay is committed to leading entrepreneurs to creatively cultivate and accelerate their businesses. His unique ability to use the power of communication and dynamic interaction is why Jed is changing the lives of thousands all over the world.

With 30 years of experience, Jed’s continued success as an expert entrepreneur has fruitfully prospered several new businesses. His specialized medical companies have produced over $2.5 million in annual sales. Three of these companies service the cardiovascular industry (CRM ). Jed is taking the success in this industry and applying it to assist the healthcare industry to a brighter future. Jed is sought after, as a change agent, by the highest levels of the healthcare industry.

Jed is a best selling author, “Why Can’t We Say What We Mean” Developing meaningful business relationships through effective communication. Jed is currently working on data collection for his 2nd book and a submission to the “Thank God I” series.

A graduate of the University of Oregon with a Masters Degree in Business Communication, Jed received honors with Emerging Leaders in America, and the Among Young American Professionals.

Jed’s most recent project was writing a book based on the absolute importance of Communication in the business environment. You can get a copy of his at: Amazon

It is with all the passion and desire that all those who truly read this be inspired to stretch their imagination, expect more from themselves, and achieve their true destiny. This vision has not come to Jed lightly. Jed often reflects on a short verse he found some years ago by an unknown author.

To your success and happiness!

Jed A. Reay

Excellence can be attained if you Care more than others think is wise; Risk more than others think is safe; Dream more than others think is practical; and Expect more than other think is possible. Author Unknown

He live this with all my heart and soul

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