Can we really heal ourselves?

What if everything you thought you knew about modern medicine was smoke and mirrors?  What if the main stream school of thought was keeping you ill? What if you really had the power and source to heal yourself? What would you say?  Can we really heal ourselves?

It is so refreshing when you come across information, ideas, and beliefs that align with what you heart is speaking to you.  I have just come across another such experience.  As many of you know I have been in transition for the last 4 years or so.  I have been in the allopathic medicine world for a little of 33 years.  In 2008 I began to feel very uncomfortable and disenchanted with what I was experiencing in my medical business.  Something was terribly wrong, but I couldn’t rap my head and heart around what that was.  I began searching for answers.  I have meet some incredible people along the way that have given me guidance, perspective, advice, and some have even held in their arms as I have struggled with this divisiveness inside me.  I would like to give credit to a few of these teachers that have graced my path. Nadine Mercey was one of my first teachers in my early transition and I am indebted to her for her healing gifts.  Dr. Bruce Lipton helped me merge science and spirit in my life and practice.  When I met Bruce for the first time it was like we had known each other for years.  He offered guidance and direction in my quest for answers.  Then a host of other alternative thinkers came out of hiding, or should I say I began to see what had been there all along.  I connected with other MD’s DO’s and ND’s to find a growing body of belief, evidence, and practice that will change medicine as we know it. 

So any time I get the opportunity to share and speak about the idea that we have the source within to heal, I take that opportunity.  This is another example:  please take the time to experience this interview with the founder of Good Life Project, Jonathan Fields, as he discusses Lissa Rankin, MD new book Mind Over Medicine and the major transitions in her own life.  Her story is fascinating and her book very powerful!  Can we really heal ourselves? Watch the interview!  Read the book!

I look forward to your comments and maybe, well, more than likely we will journey to new amazing experiences on our own path to healing the human condition!  Bye for now!



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