Breaking Free

We human beings are amazing creatures, we profess to be evolved and enlightened yet we can’t seem to find peace within the confines of our own soul. I had an aha this morning after my meditation and reading. I enjoy the words of Mark Nepo and today was no exception. The Zen parable of raising a baby swan in a glass jar is all about how we constrain ourselves in life. On one hand we have the capacity to be free thinking and creative beings directly connected to Source Energy, but on the other hand, we also have the capacity to live our lives in a glass jar and disconnected. We live in such fear and pain, that we can’t live without some connection to tether to person place or thing. Often, this tether can be destructive in nature causing us to alter our sense of reality with mind alternative substances, relationships that are not healthy, choices that are not in our or anyone else’s best interest.

As Mark writes today in “The Book of Awakening” at the center of his message is “Surviving” or “Thriving,” “Existing” or “Living,” “Resignation” or “Joy.” Mark goes on to close with this: “As human beings, our distrust builds a hardened resolve over our innocence, the way that silver tarnishes when exposed to air. Only the quiet, daily courage to be can let the air soften our hearts again.”

As I ponder Mark’s message I realize that I allowed my heart to live in the confines of a glass jar. I thought I was open, but rather it is just the thought that created the limitation I feel with the absence of what I believed to be. Now breaking free and allowing my heart to be open to the air of a new dawn, I can be free to live again. I am not looking to what was, but rather what will be. I want to love again. I want to allow my gift of compassion to envelop the soul I am to connect with.

I was struck today to write about an upcoming book I am co-authoring called “Breaking free of self-imposed limitations: Beyond Positive Thinking.” Here is a piece from our introduction that exemplifies this topic. Imagine your life with the freedom to express your true nature, without restriction or reservation and allowing creativity to manifest the life of your dreams. In that world of freedom, obstacles are viewed as mere pebbles on the path to your success. Now imagine an obstacle so large that it caused you to be stuck in the sands of time, stifling your creative nature and not allowing you to stretch your comfort zone…

Has your vision and your idea of what you can achieve in your life just manifested because you have allowed and took action with the universe? Or have you had minimal success and still feeling stuck? Are you confused or frustrated because you are just spinning your wheels? This is a great segue into my message today. As Christine and I find ourselves halfway through the manuscript, I find myself a bit stuck right now, between what was and what will be. I know without question that I will emerge on the other side of this life with a powerful awareness and perspective that will be both enlightening for me personally, but also educational and valuable for those who read my work, join me in consultation, or attend my seminars and events.

There are many of us who are serving the consciousness of the human experience, and the most important part is finding the teacher who resonates and vibrates with your Spirit and Soul. I have enjoyed the teaching gifts of many enlightened souls during my short journey. I began with Steven S. Sadleir of the Self Awareness Institute. Steven graced my life for an interview in my first book and became a teacher and guide to my early development. Steven once said to me that the divine has always resided in me and that when I recognized that, that joy and bliss would be brought to that relationship. I honor and love you, Steven.

I would like to close with this: If you find yourself stuck, disconnected, or limited in any way ask yourself what confines you? What barriers are you constructing in your life? Could these confines be limiting you from your true potential? I would further suggest finding a teacher, a guide, or someone who can help you identify these sticking points. Someone to help you break that jar you are living in! If you would like a brief consultation of conversation, please do not hesitate to call Christine or I. We would be honored to assist you on your journey, and if we can’t serve we will help you find a guide who will.

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