transformationI just wanted to let everyone know that I truly have not abandoned my responsibility of speaking and writing about transformations and change.  I am very much aware that I have not posted on my blog in some time, in fact is has been 10 months.  A lot has transpired in that 10 months, maybe even more than most can even imagine.  I know I am amazed at what has gone on during that time, and my goal is to share all those transformations with you.

Let me begin by saying that Christine Stiller (my co-author) and I have reached the halfway point of our book, “Breaking free of self-imposed limitations:  Beyond Positive Thinking.”  Our goal is to have it done sometime this winter, and yes we are overdue. I have been told by a wise sage that all good things are worth waiting for, right!

I have had some amazing transformational experiences that I am compiling into my newest book “Transformations of an Authentic Man.”  I will be sharing bits and pieces of those as I go along too.

 The amount of change and transformation has been a bit of a challenge, mainly to navigate the turbulent waters.  It reminds me of a piece I read the other day about “The Gift of Problems” written by Vic Johnson and his readings and writing of James Allen’s work “As A Man Thinketh.”  Vic speaks about how important it is to have problems.  If we don’t have problems in our lives “we are unlikely to be motivated.” Problems on the other hand create the hunger to be a part of the solution.

 So as painful as some of these situations may be, I can say with all honesty that I am blessed to have received the challenges.  In the midst of them I sometimes got lost, and felt there was no way out, but I am reminded of a quote that I have from Wayne Dyer that has always stuck with me.  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

This is just the beginning to climbing back into the saddle of life and being the influencer I know that I am.  I have had some amazing wonderful things happen to me!  I met a powerful sage and teacher, and I can say without equivocation that she has taught me much more than I could have ever dreamed of about being an authentic transparent man!  Thanks Kim!

I have found a place of compassion and warmth, which allows me the opportunity to work on those projects which drive my passion.  I am in the middle of a process which will allow me to get back into the class room to teach, and I am honored and grateful for that opportunity.  I have been asked to sit as board chair of a newly created non-profit, and this too is both a gift and a challenge worth the effort!

I have been asked to help another non-profit come out of infancy and grow into adulthood.  I am honored and blessed to be a part of FoRe Beyond the Green International Ministries and SoulSista Enterprises.  The growing pains have been a blessing as well, it truly measures and persons strength of stick-to-it-ness and the perseverance of all those passionate individuals involved.

I have also lost much of the life shell I once knew, like the chrysalis in the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly.  We must die from the old and be re-birthed into the new!  I know that what I had is not who I am, but rather was part of the teaching of who, I am to become.

Transformations are the backbone of all change, which is the true nature of man!



Jed A. Reay

Transformational Thought

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