Transformational Thought for October 25, 2011

Men don’t cry! Wimps might!
Well I must say I know who I am and I am a man of great integrity, knowing and Being my authentic self. I was able to show my true essence to people I have never met prior to this weekend. Let me just say when you are Being true to yourself and to those you touch, even a biker can clean up nice (She really does WOW), you can show that emotional side of your Being. I have work hard to reconnect with my femininity and I have been blessed to express it! Men don’t cry! Wimps might! NOT! I spent the weekend with wet eyes from time to time, and I can say that Men Do Cry!
Ok, maybe I should be a bit more specific. I had the honor and privilege of speaking at an even in LA this last weekend. I was truly moved on many levels. I was there to speak about the essence of my forth coming book “Transformations of an Authentic Man” and I found myself being transformed moment by moment, by a group of amazing women that I had the opportunity to be with. Tragedy and torment, have lead these amazing women to step out of their comfort zone and stand on principle to bring awareness and shift the tide of behavior, and how we treat one another in this universe. I am here to say that I totally agree, it is time to stand and say we must treat one another as we wish to be treated, truly not just say it, but live it! Treated with honor, respect, love, compassion, and lifted to greatness. I saw greatness being expressed and I am deeply humbled by their true commitment.
Listen, when you have been abused, (and I am not coming from a victim perspective, it serves no one to be the victim or to stay there) it would be just as comforting and simple to stay small and run away from life, but I saw more power and elegance in these women than I have ever known. And it was this that allowed me to be the Being that I am Being.
In the “Transformations of an Authentic Man” I speak of how I was once One. You know who you are. Those self-center, egotistical, control freaks that believe that in order to succeed in the world you have to be tough, strong, controlling, in charge, egocentric, mean, abusive, and even destructive to whomever they come in contact with. If you didn’t show the world you were all together and in control you wouldn’t be taken serious and would be left behind, CORRECT? Well that is furthest from the truth. I began my transition in 2008 and I can say to you I have never been more happy and complete as I am today!
So now back to the specifics. Several foundation and organization came together this weekend in Newport Beach CA. to connect, fund raise, and promote their passions for good in the world.
We started the day of with a workshop FoRe! “Living Royal,” sponsored by Maria DiGiovanni and FoRe Beyound the Green International Ministries. This small conference saw messages of hope and prosperity, healing, and new visions for health living. Then we finished the day off by acknowledging Rebecca Lawlor and her Investiture into the “The Imperial and Charitable Orders of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen. This event honored Rebecca Lawlor, among others, for their amazing service to humanity and Rebecca’s The Heart of Hope Foundation, Inc., just to name one.
On Sunday, “Maria also used her campaign to promote and share in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, and coordinated a fashion show fund raiser for the first international ‘A Heart FoRe! Grace’ foundation. Below please find those sites where you can learn more about what took place and how you can help be the change.

Safe Passage Welcome


We were honored by the grace of our host Marjan Tavakolian. She truly opened heart and her Spirit, not to mention her home to all of us!

So I will leave you with this thought. The common theme or question that I was asked this weekend was that it appeared to be a daunting task to teach men how to become their true authentic self. My reply was that anything worth doing was worth the risk, and were they willing to help with the challenge, one man at a time. Are you willing to live the change, I am. Be blessed and I look forward to meeting you and those men who need to become authentic!

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