Transformational Thought for August 2 2011

What is it about the human condition that causes us to struggle with patience?  Why do we hurry to unfold?  What are we missing in the moment when we rush though life?  I must say that these were not questions that I used to concern myself with.  I was rushing through life so fast that I did not even recognize that I was missing anything at all.


During my reading and meditation this morning I had an amazing feeling of hurrying through the process so I could get on with a project that I wanted or needed to complete.  Needed, is a very strong word in this situation.  It was not a need at all, more like a fixation on solving a problem.

Mark Nepo writes that if a rose was to rush to open and not unfold naturally it would tear.  Just as with the human condition, if we are to rush to unfold our lives we too would tear (The Book of Awakening).  Then it dawned on me that I have rushed through life far too quickly.  This subject has come up in conversation quite a bit lately, subtly at first, but not with much more vigor and specificity.  I truly love synchronistic events, especially when you can create them.

I little bird whispered in my ear this morning and said that it is a condition of fear, and the need to control that cause us to rush through life and want to unfold before it is time.  Just the act of being impatient cause stress levels to increase and illness to take hold of our bodies.   Reflecting back over my transition of the last 2 ½ years I can see where I have lost perspective of this unfolding.  Pain, fear, and the thought of needing to control have in fact been the driving force.

It dawned on me this morning about a conversation I was having with a friend a few days ago.  I have always been someone who has been very active outdoors.  One such activity was to “Drop Out” a couple times a year.  I would usually hike into some remote back country and experience the joy of grounding myself in nature.  Well I have not “Dropped Out” in over 4 years.  So it is time again.  This will allow me to gain perspective of what really is important in my life. With no amenities, no cell phones,  no computers, no TV,  all you have is you and the Spirit within.  I am looking forward to this experience again, and moreover looking forward to the unfolding in a natural way.

By allowing my life to unfold it is own natural way I won’t tear.  I can Be part of the unfolding and enjoy the new life that is being created.  By allowing this unfolding to occur naturally I am living a life, free of fear, pain, and the stress about controlling.  This journey call life can blossom into a truly beautiful masterpiece, and you too can have a life that unfolds naturally.  Just Be Patient and allow!

Thought For The Day, Transformational Thought

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