Transformational Thought for July 17 2011

Have you forgotten who you really are?

Do you remember when you were a kid and it was the week before Christmas, or a few days before your 6th birthday.  Do you recall what it felt like the last week of school before the long summer break!  Do you remember that feeling engulfing your senses and occupying your imagination?  What would it be like if you could experience those same feelings, emotions, and create that vivid landscape in your minds eye?   Well I am here to tell you that it is very possible to experience those feelings again and again, and again.  And remember who you really are!

I have been on a quest for the past 2 ½ years to reconnect with those feelings.  Reconnect with the limitless knowing that all will be.  I remember thinking, that what was about to happen to me was going against everything that I had created and built for the previous 20 years.  Did you notice I said “I”  Well, I did realize how alone I really was or so I thought, thank you Father.

It occurred to me several years ago that I was on a path and a journey that was not serving as I would have hoped.  I have shared this story before, so if you have heard it before, so be it!  I am telling it again. So I hopped off the treadmill and began to deepen my search for Spiritual truth.  What I first realized was that in order to achieve what I was seeking I had to give up all ties to the past, ALL OF IT!  This has been a challenging part of the journey.    For the most part I have completed this part of the journey.  I still have a computer so I can write and share my thoughts.  I still have transportation, albeit, it is not my dream beamer!   I still have a beautiful warm and dry place to lay my head.  And now I have Spirits in my life that I can truly say have helped to shape my path, especially one very very gifted Spirit.  Thank you JEM!

As I indicated earlier, for a long time I thought I was alone in the world, oh I had lots of friends and family around, but I still didn’t fit in.  I did a great job at making it seem like I fit in, but in reality I knew something was different about me.  It wasn’t until I began to allow myself the right to expand my consciousness, did I realize that I was far more intuitive than I realized.  As children, we truly have this ability, but as we move through our days we are constantly given a message of conformity and the need to be realistic and practical.  I bought that line and began that 20 year trek into conformity.  What is really amazing is how easily one loses their ability to connect to the energy of life.  One day you are playing kick the can and whiffle ball in the street, and the next you have become a corporate raider.

The real question is how do you return to who you really are?  I propose that it is a healing of sorts.  You know like when your body sends those powerful healthy cells to rebuild what has been damaged.  Well same thing with remembering who you really are!  Time, meditation, and allow your inner guide to get stronger and stronger to bring you back home.  Sometime you may need to help of others who have returned home to help, but either way you will soon recall.  Oh one more thing, you will have a bit of mind chatter during this process, pisst guess what, the ego does want you to wake up.  So just know that this healing may take a while.
As a healer in the allopathic world for some 30 years I have come to appreciate the relationship between that world and the natural world.  During this past 2 ½ years I have come to sense a more powerful healing in the natural world that offers far more benefit and true healing than I had known before.  Combining both knowledge bases has helped me re-define my healing path.  I plan to study for my Doctorate in a very specialized area of healing at The American Institute of Holistic Theology.   This I believe will provide a full return to who I really Am!

In closing, I would like to invite you to sit with the idea that we are far more than just organic shells, randomly bumping into one another in this space.  I say that we truly are Spirits living a human experience and that when we can feel and see our experiences as Spirits then we will begin to realize who we really are!  I encourage you to  search your heart and ask the question, have I forgotten who I really Am?  If so, begin your journey of discovery.  I Am here to help if you wish!


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