Transformational Thought for November 11 2010

I want to pause for a moment and remembering those that have give everything they own, their lives,  so those of us still here can enjoy the wonders of life.  In this country we pay tribute to the fallen solder and those who have come home.  I know that I don’t believe in energy of that consciousness, but I do believe in supporting those who have given everything for me.  I can be in gratitude for them, but not approve of what they have been told to do.  To you all I give my true thanks and hold your Spirit on High.


Another reminder of tonight’s New Reality Transmission (WOW perfect timing right, I think NOT)…. Don’t miss this awesome event where millions around the world are going to come together in Conscious thought energy in order to begin shifting the conscious of this planet to a more peaceful and happier place to live.  Come Join us at 11:11pm ET  that’s 8:11pm PT for those of us on the left coast.

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