Transformational Thought for November 10 2010

I have to go off topic a bit this morning from the last few days. I will remind you at the end about the New Reality Transmission.

Let me begin by quoting Saint Fancis “You are that which you are seeking.” In my morning reading it became clear that when I am lonely, I look for comfort out side of myself. When I am confused I look to others with more intelligence, and when I am wanting respect, I must complete this gigantic achievement that I must focus on first. This brings me to the precipice of the knowledge of myself. If I don’t look within myself for these answers, I will not grow nor will I truly find the answers that are right for me. I become a master at forging the mountain in my life, but I never blaze the path of my inner pain. Please begin looking within for the answers of your Spirit. They are waiting right there and have been our entire lives. Be Blessed!

Reminder of tomorrow evenings event 11/11/10 at 11:11pm ET New Reality Transmission, come together with millions from all over the world to consciously connect and bring about positive thought energy to help bring about change in our world.  new_r3eality_transmission

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