Homeless In Eugene, Oregon

franklin overpass2 Eugene OR ~~ willamette street Eugene OR

Homeless in Eugene, Oregon.   I am reminded of Mother Teresa’s comments that she would not join a protest against war, but if you wanted to invite her to a rally for peace she will come. “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there. Mother Teresa.”

It is all about where we place our energy. If we apply our energy to the negative side of that which we do not want we get more of what we do not want. When we apply our energy to the positive side of what we want, then we will attract more of what we want.

I have not posted for some time. I am sorry to my readers for the absences. I have no good excuse other than I have a plate full of new beginnings. I am preparing to teach a class summer term at the Successful Aging Institute at Lane Community College. I will begin teaching a Seminar on Thought Transformation with ACCBO CEU’s to the counselors and therapist in the State of Oregon. I am currently in process of writing my second book with co-author Christine Stiller, and so on. As Wayne Dyer would say these are just excuses, and he is right. Thanks Wayne.


Now back to Mother Teresa’s quote. I have driven by the homeless camps that we have in our fine city most days, and say to myself: Thanks be to God there go I.  Yes I was homeless once in my early life. I have come to understand that I create my own reality and yes I caused and thought my way to homelessness at that time in my life.  I have since built many success businesses and created a great life for myself, my family, and helped other to do the same.

I will admit that I have not paid a whole lot of attention to the plight of the homeless until other day. Oh I put my time in at the centers and shelters, helping when I can, but I go back home to my cozy little estate and forget all about the struggles of those who go without a roof, maybe even food.

coburg and I5-1 ~~ coburg and I5-3

In  Eugene Oregon

Well I happen to be driving south bound on Coburg Rd. the other day and I noticed a flash for two state trucks and several workers putting up what looked like jail bars under the bridge footing at the intersection of Coburg Rd, I105, and the access road to Country Club Rd. When I realized what they were doing I was brought back to Mother Teresa’s quote.

Why on earth would we first be displacing the homeless once again, and this time on purpose. Secondly, we are spend an enormous amount of capital in man hours, fuel, equipments, and materials to keep these homeless people, fellow human beings, from having a dry place to sleep. Wouldn’t it make a heck of a lot more sense and save a huge amount of energy (quantum energy) to put up a few crappers and some garbage cans, and let them sleep there?

Don’t get me wrong I am not ignorant to the fact that some, maybe a good portion, of these human beings created this reality for themselves, and that they want to be there. Yes they did in fact create this reality for themselves. Some have issues to drinking and drugs. There are some who have other personal issues that are not getting the help they need, or don’t wish to engage in the system to get the help. Either way they are fellow human beings and it appears to me that they are being further displaced. Look I am not saying that I have the answers here, but we must have some positive dialog about this growing issue. This is not just a local issue either. The population of homeless is growing daily around this country.

countryclub rd ~~ fanklin overpass Eugene OR

We need to begin changing our thoughts about this issue. We need to begin change our consciousness about how we interact with our fellow human beings. We are connected to each other, and the sooner we come to a collective consciousness on this and many other issues facing the human race the sooner we can live in harmony. Just think, maybe the next major shift in consciousness or invention, or idea, or the next Einstein may come from this displace population.

Pay It Forward

Let us begin anew and when called upon, answer the calling, do what is uncomfortable. Reach out and help one another to realize our greatness. It is time that we begin looking at what we have in common and how to help one another, than look at what separates us and makes us different. Pay It Forward! Reach out and help up! Do the uncomfortable.

I wish to leave you with my favorite quote. Be blessed.

Excellence can be attained if you Care more than others think is wise; Risk more than others think is safe; Dream more than others think is practical; and Expect more than other think is possible. Author Unknown

Paying it Forward


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