Jan 21 2009

Why Understanding Communication Completely Is So Critical

Why Understanding Communication Completely Is So Critical

It is critical to analyze and understand human communication not only from your point of view, but the perspective and viewpoint of the other participants in the interaction. Case in point is the following example:

Please indulge me for a moment. I am going to digress from my normal communication rants, because I have noticed on my own sites that what I thought I was communicating and what was being communicated to my visitors are two entirely different things. It is quit fascinating that you can communicate in person, by phone, by email, text message, and by your website, and so on. Bottom line, if your visitor does not feel safe or valued THEY WILL NOT POST OR COMMENT, THEY WILL NOT STAY, NOR WILL THEY BUY FROM YOU!!!!!

There are endless forms of communication in the business environment. It became very clear to me that I was doing a very poor job of communicating in the area of some of my website and what the e-commerce website metric was communicating was not what I intended.

This became even more apparent when I had a conversation with Pinny Cohen, nationally recognized and internationally known Online Marketing, SEO, and Consumer Behavior Expert. Pinny informed me that communication is one thing, but if my visitor does not feel safe, and the information they are looking for is not of great value they will not stick around to buy from or refer to me. So I began looking at my own management of information and found I do provide great value based information, but I need to provide this in a safe environment and connect with others that are doing the same. I thank you from the bottom of my heart Pinny. You are a God send. So I will digress on this article of security. Then tomorrow I will be back to providing further insights on human communication and how this communication affects your businesses bottom line.

The reason I chose this topic was because I am in the process of training several client on a communication issues they have with their sites that is relevant to shopping cart security. Since Pinny Cohen and I were already dealing with this topic I thought it would be a great way for me to demonstrate this to those clients. So enjoy!

“Knowledge Is Power”

Normally I would not agree with that title as a statement. I would say that knowledge is potential power. Just because you know something doesn’t me that you are empowered, but in the case of online shopping and ecommerce I would have to say that knowledge is empowering. “Remember: Safe, Smart, Secure online shoppers rarely fall victim to fraud. Knowledge is power.” (HonesteOnline’s Be Safe Online: Revenge of the online shopper ebook).

This insightful ebook gives you 4 secrets to safe online shopping. These secrets are not rocket science, and are very simple to implements. My friend Pinny Cohen addresses in his article on shopping cart abandonment several other reasons for security concerns.

• Anxiety over having chosen the right product
• Fear over the security of giving out credit card details
• Confusion about how to checkout
• Anxiety over not having found the best deal
• Website error
• Shopper didn’t have or like the payment options”
So it is not a stretch of the imagination that merchants need to pay attention to the security of their site not to mention how the buyer perceives their security. You can read more on the purchasing behavior and follow one of today national experts on this subject and more by following Pinny Cohen at: http://www.pinnycohen.com/

So let’s get back to the 4 secrets: The following are taken directly from the ebook “Be Safe Online

Secrets 1 — Here’s a secret you can bank on. Most financial institutions offer FREE checking and FREE online services. Why? Because online banking costs them less money. Generally, there’s no minimum balance required and if there is, it’s very low.
• Set up your primary checking account so you can access it online.
• Next, ask your bank for a secondary FREE checking account. Then, get a FREE debit card to go with this secondary account. Use this one debit card for ALL of your online purchases.
• Transfer just enough money from your primary checking account into your
secondary ‘online’ account to cover any Internet purchases. Remember, you only keep a small amount of money in this account or enough for the online purchase you are about to make.

Secret 2 — Passwords And Online Privacy: ALWAYS create a completely different username and password for each account–particularly financial ones. And don’t forget to change your passwords on a regular basis!
Keep Fido, Your Mom, And Webster Out Of It!
Do not use your pet’s name, anyone’s birthday, or any word commonly found in the dictionary. These are easy to guess for someone with a little information about you.
Use Roboform to keep track of you online usernames and passwords. Roboform automatically encrypts this sensitive information on your computer. When you need to access an account the names are listed in alphabetical order for easy access. One click logs you into any account of your choice. Too many features to describe here but I’m a big fan and avid user. Millions of people have downloaded RoboForm worldwide.

Secret 3 – How To Avoid Identity Theft From This Day Forward…

• No Fishing (Phishing) You know the twisted game ‘they’ play. You receive an email directing you to visit a familiar website where you’re asked to update your personal information. The website asks you to verify passwords, credit card numbers, social security number, or even your bank account number. You recognize the business name (Citibank®, PayPal, etc.) as one you do business with or have in the past.
• NEVER, EVER, click the links within the text of an email, and always delete the email immediately. Once you have deleted the email, empty the trash box in your email accounts.

Secret 4 — Spies Beware
Spyware, Adware And Viruses: Have you heard of the terms spyware and adware? Well, they are not only an ever-increasing nuisance for computer users everywhere, but also a booming industry. According to Webroot Software, Inc., the distribution of online advertisements through spyware and adware has become a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR business.

Some of their deeds are simply annoying for the user; others can become downright aggressive.
Spyware and Adware can:
• Monitor your keystrokes for reporting purposes.
• Scan files located on your hard drive.
• Snoop through applications on your desktop.
• Install other spyware programs onto your computer.
Read your cookies.
• Steal credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal information.
• Mutate into a second generation of spyware thus making it more
difficult to eradicate.
• Cause your computer to run slower.
• Deliver annoying pop-up advertisements.
• Add advertising links to web pages for which the real author does not get paid.
• Provide the user with no uninstall option and places itself in unexpected or hidden places within your computer making it difficult to remove.
YUCK! How Can I Prevent Or Combat Spyware And Viruses?
Personally, Here’s My Weekly “Combat” Routine:
1. I scan my computer using Norton® AntiVirus.
2. I scan my computer with AOL’s Spyware Protection. (free popular download)
3. I run Spybot – Search and Destroy®. (free popular download)
4. I run Ad-aware®. (free popular download).
NOTE: Make sure you’re downloading the REAL versions of Spybot and Ad-aware if you choose to use these. If you’re not sure ask a computer technician to help you with this.”

I hope that this little bite of safe and reliable information helps you in your online purchasing behavior. I look forward to your comments and encourage you to seek out information sources that enhance your online experience. For related articles see:

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To your success and happiness!

Jed A. Reay

Jed The Communicator

“If you can Believe the Invisible and do the Uncomfortable you can Achieve the Impossible” Andy Andrews

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  1. Pinny Cohen says:

    Jed, thank you for your kind comments on here, I’m flattered!

    I think you brought up an excellent point about bank safety communication. I have seen many local bank websites look very old, and have little safety communication. This may not bother web newbies, but is a clear red flag for veteran surfers.

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