Aug 19 2008

Why Does Communication Play Such A Critical Role In Leadership Failure?

Why Does Communication Play Such A Critical Role In Leadership Failure?

Last week a very good friend of mine from Boca Raton FL. John Barbar sent me an email that referenced an article by Mark Sanborn. Mark writes “Why Leaders Fail” for the Leadership Wired publication. I found this article to be right on and interestingly enough Mark’s warning sign #2 runs hand in hand with the book I just finished last month. In “Why Can’t We Say What We Mean” (Developing meaningful business relationships through effective communication) I conduct 13 interviews with highly successful leaders and entrepreneurs about the area of communication. I asked these 13 interviewees what it takes to be a success communicator. We discuss the characteristics of what makes a good communicator, we discussed mind set, personal fulfillment, and relationship building. The issue of relationship building appeared to be the most important aspect of communication in the current business climate.

Sanborn goes on to say, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say” is timeless advice, but it must be preceded by knowing what you mean! Clarity of purpose is the starting point for all effective communication. The hard work of communication only pays dividends when you’re crystal clear about your message.”

But I would go further to say that it is not just clarity, but rather true deep rooted relationship building.  In my book I interview Larry Benet. Here is an excerpt for Larry’s interview…. “I think today a lot of business is driven by relationships, and yet, I think some people are just naturally gifted. If you study most industries, normally the top people are not only thoughtful leaders, but they’re also very well connected, very well plugged into their communities, depending on what kind of business. It could be very statewide or even nationally recognized, in terms of resources and strategic relationships.

One of the things I really teach is communication strategies, strategies that connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere. More importantly, how do you create a meaningful relationship, especially with a high-profile, busy, influential leader in someone’s industry?”

I am finding this topic quite interesting. I am seeing a massive shift in the process of communication and the way everyone gets what they want, including leaders. I look forward to your comments and a dialog of where the future of human communication is headed.

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