Nov 27 2010

Transformational Thought for November 27 2010

Over the last two weeks we have been discussing the 15 Minute Miracle. By now you should have been able to see and feel a pattern developing in your process of 5 minutes on Gratitude, 5 minutes on Manifestation, and 5 minutes of Forgiveness. We have one more week where the discussion will close with the most powerful of emotions, that of forgiveness. For now let me ask you again, what has been coming up for you in this process? I for one have seen a real desire to be grateful and manifest more things that create feelings and situations that promote my quality of life. It appears to be far less about material satisfaction than it is emotional, mental, and physical satisfaction.

During my morning reading and meditation I was stuck by the idea that our lives really are cyclical and that each new day brings amazing opportunities to create a new. Each morning dawns newness, a rebirth, and a powerfully creative opportunity. And so it is with the 15 Minute Miracle. What a way to end our day, but in reflection of what we have accomplished or recognize what we will achieve tomorrow. We can retire to rest and rejuvenate our connection to Source and be ready to create a new the next day.
I am truly interested in knowing how this process is going for you. My passion for you is that we can begin connecting on a deeper level of understanding and share some powerful experiences. I look forward to your comments.

May you have a powerfully creative day.

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