Nov 21 2010

Transformational Thought for November 21 2010

I am beginning to feel a sense of dawning in my life, and I am just curious if there is anyone else out there that is feeling this or a similar sense of creation or newness in their life. I spent the last few days with a powerful group of Spiritual leaders, where we were working to develop a cohesive foundation for our Spiritual Community. I walked away with a real sense of creativeness that I have not felt before. Then as I sat in my morning ritual, I contemplated the feelings and ideas that have been flowing through me over the past year or so about some of those new paths in my own life.

With all the chatter and conversation taking place, all of the world, about how we as a species are evolving to a new height of human consciousness, I am struck by how much pain and suffering there is at the same time. As I sat down to post this morning I began thinking about how painfully important that is. It occurred to me that it is true that we must wash away the old, or cut away the dead branches to allow the new growth to prosper. As I indicated in earlier posts, I must embrace this dawning with a creative heart and be open to what Is, as well as what will be. The closer I become to myself and listen in silence to my inner guide, I find a stronger connection to those outside of myself. You really are God Stuff and I honor our connections. May your day blessed. Don’t forget to do your 15 Minute Miracle before retiring this evening.

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