Feb 11 2011

Transformational Thought for February 11 2011

Imagine for a moment about an event or situation in your life where you felt boxed in or that the barriers appeared to not allow you to proceed. What did you do? Did you get frustrated and angry? Did you continue along the path and then give up? Did you turn around and choose a softer, gentler route? Or did you continue on until you viewed the opportunity from all sides. Did you look at the barrier as an opportunity to see your life from a different perspective, rather than from the traditional point of view.
When you can begin to view your life as a clear ball and that there are truly multiple combination’s of what you think you see to that which you don’t see as solutions, then you may find the answer to the barriers in front of you. Step back and step out of your own way. “We tend to make the thing in the way the way.” Nepo

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