Dec 29 2010

Transformational Thought for December 29 2010

I realize it has been several weeks since my last post. In the field of reality, life has come in like a perfect storm and I have had to take a break. Then last night it dawned on me. It is time to stop feeding that wolf and begin to feed and create the vision I have for my life. I had the great honor and privilege to be a part of a powerful radio show last night. There were some of the most notable voices on the Anything But Ordinary Show, and to be included with this group made me proud to be a part of it all. This powerful group of change agents is on course for some amazing accomplishments in 2011, and the world will benefit from what is about to be created.
This was all affirmed when I awoke for my morning reading and Ernest Holmes suggested: “Life responds to us in the way we approach It…Let us choose to be identified with power, with love and beauty, with peace and happiness. Let us identify ourselves with abundance and with success.” That being said I would like to thank Michael McCleary and Maria DiGiovanni of “Anything But Ordinary Radio for allowing me to be a part of their cast of powerful characters.
I would also like to acknowledge those powerful characters by saying we all have a part to play in this production we call life, and without you: Danielle Noel Hawthorne (mis Mojovator), Harry Shade and Phil Gornail of Marvelous Mondays, my friend and guardian Tonoa Bond “T” Ms. Kiki Richardson of “Playing Devil’s Advocate, and all those other characters who graced my door this year to bring me to where I am today. Thank you my friend Eddie Rodriguez, Michael McFadden, Jacqueline Hadden, Ric Mixer, Project Gratitude creator Shana Smith. You all have made my life a richer one in which to grow from. I look forward to what we will bring to the world and the changes we are about to create.

In loving Spirit


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