Dec 02 2010

Transformational Thought for December 2 2010

This week we have been discussing the forgiveness portion of the 15 Minute Miracle, and I hope all is well with each and every one of you. I would like to digress back on manifestation for a moment. Yesterday I had one of my manifestations come to life. Remember, one of the keys to completion is to let go and allow. It became clear yesterday afternoon when I had conversations with two close friends when it dawned on me that this looked vaguely familiar. This manifestation did not come to me as I thought, nor did it appear in the form that I had envisioned, but it did in fact manifest. These simple connections with two different friends, who do not know each other and have no connection to the other except me, have become a manifestation for me.

My ultimate goal in this life is to be a voice of connection. It is no longer about how high on the ladder I can climb, be there done that. It is no longer about what I am, rather about who I Am Being. I have a passion to live life with NO Boundaries, yet live life with true connections to those I come in contact with. The Mind of Spirit, The Cosmic Mind is all that is necessary for this to occur, and connecting to the Mind and the field of pure potentiality anything is possible. Living a life of true creative influence would be a fascinating place to live and teach. And So It Is.

Please offer some insight and comments of your own experiences with the 15 Minute Miracle

May have a powerfully creative day!

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