Dec 01 2010

Transformational Thought for December 1 2010

Good morning world, a new and creative day is dawning. As I finish my meditation and reading ritual, I Am again show the true nature of Spirit, the connection to all things living and that which has lived before. Silence and introspection have offered me the ability to understand such connections, and the knowledge that has been revealed is simple amazing. We have been discussing a powerful Spiritual process for the last 3 weeks, and I want to share one of my revelations.

Yesterday, Brian posted a comment, thank you very much Brian, about the nature of not being too hard on one’s self. And I would agree completely. It occurred to me this morning, while reading my favorite poet Mark Nepo, forgiveness is a process of clearing up old unfinished business. I know this may sound a bit blaspheme, but forgiveness may be nothing more than shacking out the rug or vacuuming the carpet. It truly is about letting go of the old dirt and allowing it to pass, as with Mark’s comments this morning about not being regretful that we failed at something. He starts off by saying, “Very often, we define ourselves by what we want or dream of.”

The forgiving process is intended to release the old and honor the new. I have not failed in life, I have not failed in business, I have not failed as a father or husband. I have however realized that those where stages to teach me how to be a better writer, a better student, a better professor, and a better speaker. “Living up to a dream is rarely as important as entering it for all it has to teach.” Mark Nepo The Book of Awakening.

What I have taken away from this discussion is that, Brian was correct about not being too hard on one’s self, and looking for what can be learned from an experience. I will still practice my 15 Minute Miracle, it is a very powerful tool for journaling Gratitude, Manifestations, and those pensive thoughts about what needs to be forgiven. Remember, this is all about growing towards a closer connect to Spirit and to my fellow Human Being. I honor you all and look forward to your comments.
“Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom.” Hannah Arendt

Have a powerfully creative day!

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