Oct 19 2010

Transformation Thought for October 19 2010

This is a tad bit long for my normal post, but was a very powerful thought for me and I wanted to share it with all of you. “Often nature makes difficult things very clear. What feels like confusion is frequently our human refusal to see things for what they are.”

The caribous behavior of annual migrations is something that one must fully understand to realize the connection to our own life. Regardless of the perilous journey they take each year at a great potential loss to each one, they go anyway.

“These elegant animals bespeak a force deeper than courage, and, though some would call the caribou stupid, the mystery of their migration reveals to us the quiet, irrepressible emergence of living over hiding, of being over thinking, of participating over observing, of thriving over surviving.”

This is why we must go within and take that paths often less traveled, and those that may seem difficult and dangerous. Go with your heart and keep the fire burning inside you to create that which you are meant to create.

Quotes by Mark Nepo “The Book of Awakening”

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