Oct 29 2008

The Best Leader Vs. A Good Leader

So, what does it take to be the “best leader”?

Well, I just read a great article by Dr. John C. Maxwell.  It makes sense and you can become the “best leader” if you follow his advice.  Make it your own, find how to take his suggestions and make them work for you.

For instance, he lists 7 parts to make you a great leader:

  • Growing
  • Serving
  • Modeling
  • Listening
  • Relating
  • Teaching-Developing
  • Motivating Below is my “adjusted” and simplified view.

1) Growing– To grow means you have to challenge yourself and go out of your “comfort zone” YIKES! Who really likes to do that?  I don’t but I DO!!  Just because I know it will make me a better leader as well as a better person.  You know the saying “Just DO It”

2) Serving– You have to desire to serve others, otherwise you will lose.

3) Modeling– Show them something- Practice what you Preach. “The best leaders embody their values. Their passion exudes from every pore and demands respect.”

4) Listening– You MUST listen to what people are saying and you may have to “draw” out what they want to say

5) Teaching– You must continue to grow to be able to teach. You must have a true desire to continually gain knowledge

6) Training–  There is a difference between training people for doing their job and training them to become leaders

7) Motivation– Motivation should come naturally if you are doing steps 1-6.

These are just my interpretations from this great article and very much simplified.  I just want you to look at the steps and see if they can help improve you as a leader.

To your success and happiness!

Jed A. Reay

Jed The Communicator

Excellence can be attained if you Care more than others think is wise; Risk more than others think is safe; Dream more than others think is practical; and Expect more than other think is possible. Author Unknown

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