Sep 21 2008


I find this subject quit interesting. From a very early age we aspire to BE something grand. You remember those field trips you took in grade school. I remember after going to the police station I want to be a cop. Then the next month I wanted to be a fireman, then a baker, then like my dad, and on and on those visualization changed with the wind. Then I seemed to grow up and lost those childhood inspirations. Now moving forward many years, I have awakened to the fact that I allowed the peer pressure of society to influence my path. What I mean by that is it seemed I got on this treadmill of life and just plain forgot about (went to sleep) what I really wanted to BE, Do and Have.

Then it occurred to me, I really can help others awaken to the real nature of our existence on this planet. I can be a leader. I am A Passionate, Powerful, Motivated Leader. That is my Mantra and I believe that inspiration is part of this process. Just look at those who inspire you. I know who and why my inspirations are so powerful, do you know why yours are?

I look at Paul Potts the Opera want to be. Well in my eye he is not a want to be HE IS BE DO HAVE! Look at young Andrew Johnston, in the face of adversity he beat those bullies, he won. Robert Kiyosaki, did not just become what he is over night but he did believe he could. And the character Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone. His last performance is that of true inspiration. The message is very strong and they are all around us, but we must allow ourselves to see them and believe them.

I am inspired everyday. Everyday is a new day to create and grow closer to that which is divine. One of the most important parts of this equation is the fact that the thought, the vision, must stay at the forefront of you mind until that particular event has occurred. Moreover, as I indicated in my Day 4, of the 90 Day Challenge NuYearNuYou that Intention is 90 to 99% of the process for attracting the result. The biggest issue is will you or I allow and get out of the way.

That brings me to Ralph Marston’s Daily Motivator.

“Thoughts lead the way:”

Your thoughts have great influence on your life. So get them working in your favor. Those things you’ve convinced yourself you cannot do, you will not do. By the same token, whatever you’re absolutely certain that you can accomplish, you will indeed accomplish. Your thoughts directly and persistently control your actions. And through your actions, you create much of the reality of your life. Every achievement begins with a thought. And every achievement is supported all along the way by a continuous flow of positive, empowering thoughts. You won’t make something happen just by thinking about it. Yet the things you do cause to happen are those things upon which your thoughts are steadily focused. Fill your mind with thoughts of positive purpose, joy, and meaningful achievement. Let your thoughts lead the way to the life of your dreams.”

And here is yet another which applies here.

Imagine your life:
“What can you imagine? What would you most like to imagine? Your life flows out from your imagination. Whatever you choose to become, you have first chosen to imagine. No, life does not come to pass exactly as you have imagined it. There are many surprises and distractions along the way. And yet, your most persistent and consistent imaginings do indeed set the direction for your life. Though it is impossible to foresee every pebble in every road, you can certainly choose which roads to travel based on where you know they lead. Let your imagination be the pioneer that explores exciting and fulfilling new worlds. From the best of those worlds, find the one for you. Imagine a great and wonderful life for yourself, with passion and loving detail. As soon as you imagine it, you begin the process of truly living it.” Ralph Marston
Let me leave you with this thought. Regardless of what it is that you dream and aspire to be, remember one thing. Always take great pride it Being. Take great satisfaction in Achieving, and never, never loose the vision that you have right now!

To Your Success,

Jed A. Reay

Jed The Communicator

Excellence can be attained if you Care more than others think is wise; Risk more than others think is safe; Dream more than others think is practical; and Expect more than other think is possible. Author Unknown

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