Mar 09 2009

Ethical Marketing

Ethical Marketing

The world of marketing – whether it is marketing in the offline world or marketing online – is more complex than what you might think at first glance. Just as there are ways to effectively market products and services, there is also a right and wrong way to market services and products, from an ethical standpoint.

When most people think in terms of ethical marketing, they know that ethics plays into the sales copy that is used to sell the product or service. For example, it is unethical to make claims that are false concerning the product or service, or to make false claims about expected results from the use of a product or service.  Read The Full Story

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Jed A. Reay

Jed A. Reay


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“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and
nourish with repetition and emotion will
one day become a reality.”

— Earl Nightingale

We can plant any seed we want in the soil, and if it’s given enough time and attention, it will grow into a flower, vegetable, or tree. The same goes for our mind. We can plant misery and negative thoughts, or we can choose to plant the most hopeful, success-focused thoughts we can muster. With enough time and attention, those seeds will grow as well. Will they grow into a promising future or a mediocre life? That depends on what you planted. Earl Nightingale provides some guidance below.

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