Aug 22 2009

“Differentiate yourself from your competition.”

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It Is Your Choice

What I find so fascinating about life is that when you really are looking for the good in all things, that is what you will find or that finds you.  I have to share a story that was just send to me by a new friend, who I can hardly wait to spend more time with.  I met Catherine S. Read by way of a HARO request.  Catherine is a Social Media expert, and will be gracing us with her gift in a few weeks.  The HARO request was to assist my bookies group (5 aspiring authors mastermind group) with an understanding of the social media landscape.  Since our introduction, Catherine has truly shared some valuable nuggets and I would like to pass one along to my readers.
Just imagine for a moment that all you do all day in complain about the state of your life.  Just visualize that for a moment! YUK!  Now visualize for a moment what your life would look like if all you saw was positive focus, creation, love, joy, fulfillment WOW!  Now which one makes more sense, aw come on, which vision are you or which one would you like to envision.  Catherine shared this story of the “duck or eagles.” The ironic thing about this story is the realism that exists thought the story, you can point to any situation or person on any given day and apply this story too them.

Now listen this is not rocket science, but it is amazing at how easy it is to complain and focus on the negative.  If you will just take baby steps to continue to focus on what is good about your life, focus on what you want in your life then you will bring about changes just like Wally did.  Enjoy, and please please share this post with others.  The one thing I can guarantee is that your life will change forever when you stop complaining and begin to treat yourself and everyone around you with gratitude. When you develop a positive outlook of your life you will begin to see the door of positive results open to you.  My own life is a testament to re-focusing my energy towards positive energy and all I can say there is no limitation to what is in store for it.

Please enjoy this story told by Harvey Mackay, and Catherine thank you!


“Ducks or Eagles”

To Your Success

Pay It Forward/Pass It On

Jed A. Reay

Jed A. Reay

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“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and
nourish with repetition and emotion will
one day become a reality.”

— Earl Nightingale

We can plant any seed we want in the soil, and if it’s given enough time and attention, it will grow into a flower, vegetable, or tree. The same goes for our mind. We can plant misery and negative thoughts, or we can choose to plant the most hopeful, success-focused thoughts we can muster. With enough time and attention, those seeds will grow as well. Will they grow into a promising future or a mediocre life? That depends on what you planted. Earl Nightingale provides some guidance below.

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