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Aug 01 2008

You Missed It Tonight, But You Can Still Get Connected With Larry Benet and Dave Stech and The Power of 6


I will be putting up a personal video blog on this call, but I wanted to get this out NOW!!!!! Man I have to tell you I was left in Awe after listen to Larry Benet’s Connection Mastery guest Dave Stech (The Power Of 6). What I have been exposed to over the last several months, has change my entire way of thinking about the way the world really works. I have been trained that in order more

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Jul 09 2008

Communicating With Character


I just finished reading this article by Dr. John C. Maxwell. A good friend sent me the link and I think you should go out right now and read this article.

Post Script Blog

It was quite taken by the general similarities of this article and the characteristics of those I interview in my book “Why Can’t We Say What We Mean” “Developing Meaningful Business Relationships Through Effective Communication. Look it really is not rocket science. But we have become numb and more

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Jun 11 2008

~Welcome to Jed Reay Dot Com~


Welcome to Jed Reay Dot com! Your online center for great and valuable information on Business, Business Development, Business Communication and more. Be sure to bookmark this site and add it to your RSS feed to keep up to date with our fast growing company. We are just about to release our book “Why Can’t We Say What We Mean?”

Developing Meaningful Business Relationships Through Effective Communication.

If you want to get on our waiting list fill out this form and more

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