Mar 21 2017

6 Simple, but very controversial, ways to bring Healthcare Cost DOWN


Over the course of the last year I have had the joy of teaching CEU course around the country to the insurance and financial industry.  One of the courses I taught was titled “Healthcare Cost Factors.”  In this course we cover the following:

  1. Define and explain the importance of charge master rates at hospitals.
  2. Describe the role and responsibilities of medical billing consultants.
  3. Understand the forces that drive medical costs.
  4. Comprehend the cost of healthcare relative to the US GDP.
  5. Define and explain the role of Medicare payments, as well as its perverse incentives
  6. Explain various medical malpractice issues.
  7. Critically examine the Affordable Care Act and how it addresses the cost of care


I also finished the course with what I believed to be the central purpose, and that was solutions for solving the spiraling cost of healthcare.  Since Obama Care didn’t tackle the issue of cost, on the contrary, we have seen triple digit increases in premiums, hospital charges, and drug prices in many markets.  I presented 6 very Simple, yes I said SIMPLE, ways to drastically bring the costs down.  Now, I will admit they are a bit radical, and they may and will hurt some in the industry, but look at what healthcare has done to the consumer.  I had a bird’s eye view of the industry with my 30 plus year working in the field. I realize that it is a complex and complicated beast.  The healthcare industry is integrated so deeply in our economic structure that changes like these will be a real jolt to our system, but we are not on a path that is sustainable.

Look I’m not trying to imply that it will be easy, NOT AT ALL, but we must start somewhere and Obama Care did just that.  It was painful, but let’s tweak them a bit and keep the things that worked and change the things that didn’t.  Ok, so here are the 6 component of my solutions.  Remember, controversial they are, but stone throwing, name calling will not solve our issues, good sound open discussions is the way to come to a conclusion.

  1. Tightening anti-trust laws related to hospitals to make sure that they aren’t allowed to become so dominant that insurance companies are helpless in negotiating prices.

There has been a trend over the course of many years of hospital systems all over the country gobbling up smaller hospitals in order to grow their bottom lines.  I understand that some of those smaller institutions were failing and by having those hospital close and losing coverage areas and continuity of care we create another entirely different problem.  Let’s deal with the reality that is in front of us, too few choice, larger and larger systems cause the prices to go up not down.

  1. Taxing hospital profits (Non-profit hospital).

In 2013, and I know nothing has change today (2017), the journal “Health Affairs” reported that “Seven of the 10 most profitable U.S. hospitals are nonprofit entities, including Peace Health’s Sacred Heart Medical Center at River Bend, which was No. 9, according to new research.   Full article:

If we would just tax them just 5% of their gross revenue, (which would be $8,560000.00 just for SHH) and it went back into the healthcare coffer not the pockets of government, we could go a very long was to solving the financial issue.  I have the privilege living in Eugene and have working in and around the giant for many years.  So it is a bit of a sore subject for me personally.

  1. Outlawing the Charge master rates. Http://

Congress tried to impose standards in 1996 (HIPAA), but this has not yet happened, so hospitals are still free to use a charge master, and furthermore they can and do updates to that charge master on a regular bases.  Here is the rub, when they update the charge master they often will increase the prices of every single charge with the same percentage at the same time.  Just imagine if they raised the prices on 12,000 to 45,000 prices every quarter 2% or more.  Here is another article from Health Affairs that speaks to just that.     I know when I sold a pacemaker to a hospital, many of which purchased the devices in what was and is known as a cost capping contract.  They basically dictated how much they would pay for such devices, and if you wanted sell your product in that hospital you had to except that, or take your stuff off the shelf.  But when I really got an eye full was when I had a discussion with an irate patient one day, he showed me his bill, I about fell over.  There was a 250% markup on that device, that’s when I began to view this problem in a different light.

  1. Amending patent laws to limit the exploitation of the monopoly of certain drug-producing companies.

A great example of this is the epipen from Mylan, although they are by far not the only pharma company to raise prices.  There are hundreds of examples of companies that have raised their price, especially those who have a market lock on a particular drug.  Look I told you this controversial, and doing something like this you run the risk of a company say no I’m not going to put millions of dollars into R&D just to have the rug pulled out from under me.  I get it, but look at Biogen stating it would raise its price for Daraprim to $750,000.00 per patient year (treats a rare disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy), Gilead setting the price for Sovaldi at $1,000.00 per pill which translates to $84,000.00 per year, (it is the new Hepatitis C med).   Are you aware that congress, for some stupid reason, allowed the lobbyists to set in play that Medicare is not allowed to negotiate pricing with the Pharmaceutical companies, that to me is an outrage and needs to be changed NOW.  We need a comprehensive

  1. Tighten and cap how many CT Scans or MRI’s Medicare and private insurance will pay for to reduce overspending on lab tests.

The next 2 solutions run together in many ways.  One of the reasons, but not limited to this reason, is the legal protection.  Physicians and hospital tend to order test with the idea that they may need to protect themselves in particular cases.  If we change the medical-malpractice juggler knot (pun intended) we could reduce the need for more test, although, there is a real and apparent distinction in this particular 5th step.  That is, take away the financial incentive of physicians to financially benefit for testing, known as the Stark Law. I know you are scream at the top of your lung that this not true and it doesn’t happen, there are too many save guards, self-referral doesn’t happen.  Well I am so so sorry to inform you, BUT IT DOES EVERY DAY!  It’s one thing for a doctor to hire a sonographer and buy an echo machine, or hire a treadmill tech and buy a treadmill.  Those tests are in the process of the diagnostic chain.  Here is an article from JAMA June 2, 2014:




  1. Develop reform against medical-malpractice, such as safe-harbor defenses, to continue the reduction of unnecessary, extra scans and medical tests.

So to continue the previous discussion and bring a close to this article, medical-malpractice is an integral part of the cost containment issue.  I am reminded of a personal story from 24 years ago in my own life.  My wife was pregnant with our second child.  It was a boy yahoooooo!  First one was a girl so now we have one of each.  I can’t recall the exact month, but they did some testing, and the test came back from the lab as positive for downs syndrome.  We were floor.  What were we going to do?  Well the first thing we did is get an amniocentesis done.  Test came back inconclusive. Wow, now what.  Well we proceeded to term and Joshua was normal, and everything was perfect.  I went back to the OBGYN with a bit of a chip on my shoulder.  Now remember, I have been working in medicine for about 12 years by this time, and new a Dr. put’s his or her pants on the same way anybody else does.  They are not GODS!  I asked him why this test was so wrong and he said and I quote, “We as physicians have demanded that the lab test be strengthened so as to protect us from malpractice law suits.”  I came unglued and I won’t go into the rest.  Suffice it to say those test have found their way back a happy medium, but that didn’t change the issue of the stress it caused us, and the way medical practices are practiced today.  We are a very litigious society and we need to change this attitude or those costs are just going to get higher and higher.


In closing I hope this article will stimulate discussion for all side and opinions.  I look forward to a lively discussion; just don’t throw stones or no name calling.  Let us find a solution to this unsustainable problem together.  Give me a shout on Linked in at: Jed A. Reay or comment right here

May 12 2013

Can we really heal ourselves?

What if everything you thought you knew about modern medicine was smoke and mirrors?  What if the main stream school of thought was keeping you ill? What if you really had the power and source to heal yourself? What would you say?  Can we really heal ourselves?

It is so refreshing when you come across information, ideas, and beliefs that align with what you heart is speaking to you.  I have just come across another such experience.  As many of you know I have been in transition for the last 4 years or so.  I have been in the allopathic medicine world for a little of 33 years.  In 2008 I began to feel very uncomfortable and disenchanted with what I was experiencing in my medical business.  Something was terribly wrong, but I couldn’t rap my head and heart around what that was.  I began searching for answers.  I have meet some incredible people along the way that have given me guidance, perspective, advice, and some have even held in their arms as I have struggled with this divisiveness inside me.  I would like to give credit to a few of these teachers that have graced my path. Nadine Mercey was one of my first teachers in my early transition and I am indebted to her for her healing gifts.  Dr. Bruce Lipton helped me merge science and spirit in my life and practice.  When I met Bruce for the first time it was like we had known each other for years.  He offered guidance and direction in my quest for answers.  Then a host of other alternative thinkers came out of hiding, or should I say I began to see what had been there all along.  I connected with other MD’s DO’s and ND’s to find a growing body of belief, evidence, and practice that will change medicine as we know it. 

So any time I get the opportunity to share and speak about the idea that we have the source within to heal, I take that opportunity.  This is another example:  please take the time to experience this interview with the founder of Good Life Project, Jonathan Fields, as he discusses Lissa Rankin, MD new book Mind Over Medicine and the major transitions in her own life.  Her story is fascinating and her book very powerful!  Can we really heal ourselves? Watch the interview!  Read the book!

I look forward to your comments and maybe, well, more than likely we will journey to new amazing experiences on our own path to healing the human condition!  Bye for now!



Oct 10 2012

Breaking Free

We human beings are amazing creatures, we profess to be evolved and enlightened yet we can’t seem to find peace within the confines of our own soul.  I had an aha this morning after my meditation and reading.  I enjoy the words of Mark Nepo and today was no exception.  The Zen parable of raising a baby swan in a glass jar is all about how we constrain ourselves in life.  On one hand we have the capacity to be free thinking and creative beings directly connected to Source Energy, but on the other hand we also have the capacity to live our life in a glass jar and disconnected.  We live in such fear and pain, that we can’t live without some connection to tether to person place or thing.  Often, this tether can be destructive in nature causing us to alter our sense of reality with mind alterative substances, relationships that are not healthy, choices that are not in our or anyone else’s best interest.


As Mark writes today in “The Book of Awakening”  at the center of his message is “Surviving” or “Thriving,” “Existing” or “Living,” “Resignation” or “Joy.”  Mark goes on to close with this: “As human  beings, our distrust builds a hardened resolve over our innocence, the way that silver tarnishes when exposed to air.  Only the quiet, daily courage to be can let the air soften our hearts again.”


As I ponder Mark’s message I realize that I allowed my heart to live in the confines of a glass jar.  I thought I was open, but rather it is just the thought that created the limitation I feel with the absence of what I believed to be.  Now breaking free and allowing my heart to be open to the air of a new dawn, I can be free to live again.  I am not looking to what was, but rather what will be.  I want to love again.  I want to allow my gift of compassion to envelope the soul I am to connect with.

I was struck today to write about an upcoming book I am co-authoring called “Breaking free of self-imposed limitations:  Beyond Positive Thinking.”  Here is a piece from our introduction that exemplifies this topic.  Imagine your life with freedom to express your true nature, without restriction or reservation and allowing creativity to manifest the life of your dreams.  In that world of freedom, obstacles are viewed as mere pebbles on the path to your success. Now imagine an obstacle so large that it caused you to be stuck in the sands of time, stifling your creative nature and not allowing you to stretch your comfort zone…


Has your vision and your idea of what you can achieve in your life just manifested because you have allowed and took action with the universe?   Or have you had minimal success and still feeling stuck?  Are you confused or frustrated because you are just spinning your wheels?  This is a great segue into my message today.  As Christine and I find ourselves halfway through the manuscript, I find myself a bit stuck right now, between what was and what will be.  I know without question that I will emerge on the other side of this life with a powerful awareness and perspective that will be both enlightening for me personally, but also educational and valuable for those who read my work, join me in consultation, or attend my seminars and events.


There are many of us who are serving the consciousness of the human experience, and the most important part is finding the teacher who resonates and vibrates with your Spirit and Soul.  I have enjoyed the teaching gifts of many enlightened souls during my short journey.  I began with Steven S. Sadleir of the Self Awareness Institute.  Steven graced my life for an interview in my first book, and became a teacher and guide to my early development.  Steven once said to me that the divine has always resided in me and that when I recognized that,  that joy and bliss would be brought to that relationship.  I honor and love you Steven.


I would like to close with this:  If you find yourself stuck, disconnected, or limited in any way ask yourself what confines you?  What barriers are you constructing in your life?  Could these confines be limiting you from your true potential?   I would further suggest finding a teacher, a guide, or someone who can help you identify these sticking points.  Someone to help you break that jar you are living in!  If you would like a brief consultation of conversation, please do not hesitate to call Christine or myself.  We would be honored to assist you on your journey, and if we can’t serve we will help you find a guide who will.  LifeStyles Unlimited, Co.

Sep 25 2012


Life really is about lessons.  As I sit here in my office, I find myself asking several questions.  First, what lesson am I to learn today as a result of another defeat?  Secondly, where will that wisdom take me?  I am sure you have heard the old story about the man and the flood.  Where God had sent him several opportunities to be saved from drowning, and every time he denied them, saying: “No thank you, God will save me.”  And after he drowned he asked why didn’t you come to save me God?….”

This is just as it should be.  The messages we receive are not always as clear as we would like to think.  I know I have been denying many message over the past several months and I am now drowning in my own self-pity.   I gave my heart to an amazing experience over the last year and it has come to my attention that I can no longer give this person that kind of energy, in other words I can’t love her as I dreamed.  I have been battling this fight between my feelings of passion and love and the reality of her ability to receive such.  I did not want to see, that what I was giving was truly not serving her.  I still don’t understand, but it is not important to understand.  What is important is to look at this as a learning experience and never never close my heart off.  When you are open and listen to your heart it is amazing what shows up.

I just happened to turn on facebook just moments before writing today and here are three posts a good friend of mine had shared.  “A Lesson will repeat itself until learned.” (Awareness).  The second one I saw was this: “I’m proud of my heart.  It’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but somehow it still works.”  This came from Michael Fiore.  I am not sure if these are his own or not.  And the last one which prompted me to change my course of topic and message for the day was this: written by Jennifer Gayle that Nancy posted “When you open your heart you give love a chance to flow in.”  If I were to not allow myself to give as I gave, the true recipient of this love would never receive it. I must continue to give as I have never given before.  I know there is someone out there in this Universe who is waiting for me to arrive.  The lesson is this: that each and every one of us must walk our path, even if it means we get knocked down.  We must walk that path and journey with all the passion and vigor, as we did when it was still a dream.

I have a morning ritual where I read from my favorite poet Mark Nepo and then journal my gratitude’s and intentions for the day.  Today, Mark’s piece is again very fitting for the place I find myself. “The Book of Awakening:  September 25, 2012”. This profound piece exemplifies the push pull that take place with the human condition every day.  I would hope that transparency and authenticity will stand strong and we can allow those places in our hearts and minds to heal and grow into much better human beings.

I truly believe we have a space in our spirit that is waiting for evolution.  We are moving toward a greater sense of our own awareness.  I have been following the likes of Andrew Cohen,  Genpo Roshi, Terry Patton, Ken Wilber, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Diane Hamilton to name a few.  The collective vision is that we are moving to a greater understanding of the human potential, that man is on the cusp of a new era of consciousness.  I believe the lessons we learn now will guide us through the transitions that are coming to each and every one of us.  If I accept each and every experience as a joyous learning journey,  I grow as an authentic, transparent man.  I just ask each and every one of you to look into your heart and ask a very simple question: What part do you play in the evolution of man?  What can you do to improve the life of someone close to you?  Not every painful situation in life is permanent, but it is presented to us to teach us something.   I would ask you to look at your painful situations and ask yourself, what are you to learn from them?

Please feel free to contact me directly for consultations and coaching.   May your days be filled with peace and harmony, and those that aren’t then you are meant to learn something.

Aug 28 2012


transformationI just wanted to let everyone know that I truly have not abandoned my responsibility of speaking and writing about transformations and change.  I am very much aware that I have not posted on my blog in some time, in fact is has been 10 months.  A lot has transpired in that 10 months, maybe even more than most can even imagine.  I know I am amazed at what has gone on during that time, and my goal is to share all those transformations with you.

Let me begin by saying that Christine Stiller (my co-author) and I have reached the halfway point of our book, “Breaking free of self-imposed limitations:  Beyond Positive Thinking.”  Our goal is to have it done sometime this winter, and yes we are overdue. I have been told by a wise sage that all good things are worth waiting for, right!

I have had some amazing transformational experiences that I am compiling into my newest book “Transformations of an Authentic Man.”  I will be sharing bits and pieces of those as I go along too.

 The amount of change and transformation has been a bit of a challenge, mainly to navigate the turbulent waters.  It reminds me of a piece I read the other day about “The Gift of Problems” written by Vic Johnson and his readings and writing of James Allen’s work “As A Man Thinketh.”  Vic speaks about how important it is to have problems.  If we don’t have problems in our lives “we are unlikely to be motivated.” Problems on the other hand create the hunger to be a part of the solution.

 So as painful as some of these situations may be, I can say with all honesty that I am blessed to have received the challenges.  In the midst of them I sometimes got lost, and felt there was no way out, but I am reminded of a quote that I have from Wayne Dyer that has always stuck with me.  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

This is just the beginning to climbing back into the saddle of life and being the influencer I know that I am.  I have had some amazing wonderful things happen to me!  I met a powerful sage and teacher, and I can say without equivocation that she has taught me much more than I could have ever dreamed of about being an authentic transparent man!  Thanks Kim!

I have found a place of compassion and warmth, which allows me the opportunity to work on those projects which drive my passion.  I am in the middle of a process which will allow me to get back into the class room to teach, and I am honored and grateful for that opportunity.  I have been asked to sit as board chair of a newly created non-profit, and this too is both a gift and a challenge worth the effort!

I have been asked to help another non-profit come out of infancy and grow into adulthood.  I am honored and blessed to be a part of FoRe Beyond the Green International Ministries and SoulSista Enterprises.  The growing pains have been a blessing as well, it truly measures and persons strength of stick-to-it-ness and the perseverance of all those passionate individuals involved.

I have also lost much of the life shell I once knew, like the chrysalis in the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly.  We must die from the old and be re-birthed into the new!  I know that what I had is not who I am, but rather was part of the teaching of who, I am to become.

Transformations are the backbone of all change, which is the true nature of man!



Jed A. Reay

Oct 25 2011

Transformational Thought for October 25, 2011

Men don’t cry! Wimps might!
Well I must say I know who I am and I am a man of great integrity, knowing and Being my authentic self. I was able to show my true essence to people I have never met prior to this weekend. Let me just say when you are Being true to yourself and to those you touch, even a biker can clean up nice (She really does WOW), you can show that emotional side of your Being. I have work hard to reconnect with my femininity and I have been blessed to express it! Men don’t cry! Wimps might! NOT! I spent the weekend with wet eyes from time to time, and I can say that Men Do Cry!
Ok, maybe I should be a bit more specific. I had the honor and privilege of speaking at an even in LA this last weekend. I was truly moved on many levels. I was there to speak about the essence of my forth coming book “Transformations of an Authentic Man” and I found myself being transformed moment by moment, by a group of amazing women that I had the opportunity to be with. Tragedy and torment, have lead these amazing women to step out of their comfort zone and stand on principle to bring awareness and shift the tide of behavior, and how we treat one another in this universe. I am here to say that I totally agree, it is time to stand and say we must treat one another as we wish to be treated, truly not just say it, but live it! Treated with honor, respect, love, compassion, and lifted to greatness. I saw greatness being expressed and I am deeply humbled by their true commitment.
Listen, when you have been abused, (and I am not coming from a victim perspective, it serves no one to be the victim or to stay there) it would be just as comforting and simple to stay small and run away from life, but I saw more power and elegance in these women than I have ever known. And it was this that allowed me to be the Being that I am Being.
In the “Transformations of an Authentic Man” I speak of how I was once One. You know who you are. Those self-center, egotistical, control freaks that believe that in order to succeed in the world you have to be tough, strong, controlling, in charge, egocentric, mean, abusive, and even destructive to whomever they come in contact with. If you didn’t show the world you were all together and in control you wouldn’t be taken serious and would be left behind, CORRECT? Well that is furthest from the truth. I began my transition in 2008 and I can say to you I have never been more happy and complete as I am today!
So now back to the specifics. Several foundation and organization came together this weekend in Newport Beach CA. to connect, fund raise, and promote their passions for good in the world.
We started the day of with a workshop FoRe! “Living Royal,” sponsored by Maria DiGiovanni and FoRe Beyound the Green International Ministries. This small conference saw messages of hope and prosperity, healing, and new visions for health living. Then we finished the day off by acknowledging Rebecca Lawlor and her Investiture into the “The Imperial and Charitable Orders of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen. This event honored Rebecca Lawlor, among others, for their amazing service to humanity and Rebecca’s The Heart of Hope Foundation, Inc., just to name one.
On Sunday, “Maria also used her campaign to promote and share in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, and coordinated a fashion show fund raiser for the first international ‘A Heart FoRe! Grace’ foundation. Below please find those sites where you can learn more about what took place and how you can help be the change.

We were honored by the grace of our host Marjan Tavakolian. She truly opened heart and her Spirit, not to mention her home to all of us!

So I will leave you with this thought. The common theme or question that I was asked this weekend was that it appeared to be a daunting task to teach men how to become their true authentic self. My reply was that anything worth doing was worth the risk, and were they willing to help with the challenge, one man at a time. Are you willing to live the change, I am. Be blessed and I look forward to meeting you and those men who need to become authentic!

Aug 02 2011

Transformational Thought for August 2 2011

What is it about the human condition that causes us to struggle with patience?  Why do we hurry to unfold?  What are we missing in the moment when we rush though life?  I must say that these were not questions that I used to concern myself with.  I was rushing through life so fast that I did not even recognize that I was missing anything at all.


During my reading and meditation this morning I had an amazing feeling of hurrying through the process so I could get on with a project that I wanted or needed to complete.  Needed, is a very strong word in this situation.  It was not a need at all, more like a fixation on solving a problem.

Mark Nepo writes that if a rose was to rush to open and not unfold naturally it would tear.  Just as with the human condition, if we are to rush to unfold our lives we too would tear (The Book of Awakening).  Then it dawned on me that I have rushed through life far too quickly.  This subject has come up in conversation quite a bit lately, subtly at first, but not with much more vigor and specificity.  I truly love synchronistic events, especially when you can create them.

I little bird whispered in my ear this morning and said that it is a condition of fear, and the need to control that cause us to rush through life and want to unfold before it is time.  Just the act of being impatient cause stress levels to increase and illness to take hold of our bodies.   Reflecting back over my transition of the last 2 ½ years I can see where I have lost perspective of this unfolding.  Pain, fear, and the thought of needing to control have in fact been the driving force.

It dawned on me this morning about a conversation I was having with a friend a few days ago.  I have always been someone who has been very active outdoors.  One such activity was to “Drop Out” a couple times a year.  I would usually hike into some remote back country and experience the joy of grounding myself in nature.  Well I have not “Dropped Out” in over 4 years.  So it is time again.  This will allow me to gain perspective of what really is important in my life. With no amenities, no cell phones,  no computers, no TV,  all you have is you and the Spirit within.  I am looking forward to this experience again, and moreover looking forward to the unfolding in a natural way.

By allowing my life to unfold it is own natural way I won’t tear.  I can Be part of the unfolding and enjoy the new life that is being created.  By allowing this unfolding to occur naturally I am living a life, free of fear, pain, and the stress about controlling.  This journey call life can blossom into a truly beautiful masterpiece, and you too can have a life that unfolds naturally.  Just Be Patient and allow!

Jul 17 2011

Transformational Thought for July 17 2011

Have you forgotten who you really are?

Do you remember when you were a kid and it was the week before Christmas, or a few days before your 6th birthday.  Do you recall what it felt like the last week of school before the long summer break!  Do you remember that feeling engulfing your senses and occupying your imagination?  What would it be like if you could experience those same feelings, emotions, and create that vivid landscape in your minds eye?   Well I am here to tell you that it is very possible to experience those feelings again and again, and again.  And remember who you really are!

I have been on a quest for the past 2 ½ years to reconnect with those feelings.  Reconnect with the limitless knowing that all will be.  I remember thinking, that what was about to happen to me was going against everything that I had created and built for the previous 20 years.  Did you notice I said “I”  Well, I did realize how alone I really was or so I thought, thank you Father.

It occurred to me several years ago that I was on a path and a journey that was not serving as I would have hoped.  I have shared this story before, so if you have heard it before, so be it!  I am telling it again. So I hopped off the treadmill and began to deepen my search for Spiritual truth.  What I first realized was that in order to achieve what I was seeking I had to give up all ties to the past, ALL OF IT!  This has been a challenging part of the journey.    For the most part I have completed this part of the journey.  I still have a computer so I can write and share my thoughts.  I still have transportation, albeit, it is not my dream beamer!   I still have a beautiful warm and dry place to lay my head.  And now I have Spirits in my life that I can truly say have helped to shape my path, especially one very very gifted Spirit.  Thank you JEM!

As I indicated earlier, for a long time I thought I was alone in the world, oh I had lots of friends and family around, but I still didn’t fit in.  I did a great job at making it seem like I fit in, but in reality I knew something was different about me.  It wasn’t until I began to allow myself the right to expand my consciousness, did I realize that I was far more intuitive than I realized.  As children, we truly have this ability, but as we move through our days we are constantly given a message of conformity and the need to be realistic and practical.  I bought that line and began that 20 year trek into conformity.  What is really amazing is how easily one loses their ability to connect to the energy of life.  One day you are playing kick the can and whiffle ball in the street, and the next you have become a corporate raider.

The real question is how do you return to who you really are?  I propose that it is a healing of sorts.  You know like when your body sends those powerful healthy cells to rebuild what has been damaged.  Well same thing with remembering who you really are!  Time, meditation, and allow your inner guide to get stronger and stronger to bring you back home.  Sometime you may need to help of others who have returned home to help, but either way you will soon recall.  Oh one more thing, you will have a bit of mind chatter during this process, pisst guess what, the ego does want you to wake up.  So just know that this healing may take a while.
As a healer in the allopathic world for some 30 years I have come to appreciate the relationship between that world and the natural world.  During this past 2 ½ years I have come to sense a more powerful healing in the natural world that offers far more benefit and true healing than I had known before.  Combining both knowledge bases has helped me re-define my healing path.  I plan to study for my Doctorate in a very specialized area of healing at The American Institute of Holistic Theology.   This I believe will provide a full return to who I really Am!

In closing, I would like to invite you to sit with the idea that we are far more than just organic shells, randomly bumping into one another in this space.  I say that we truly are Spirits living a human experience and that when we can feel and see our experiences as Spirits then we will begin to realize who we really are!  I encourage you to  search your heart and ask the question, have I forgotten who I really Am?  If so, begin your journey of discovery.  I Am here to help if you wish!


Jul 06 2011

Transformational Thought for July 6 2011

Mission, Vision, & Passions on this Journey Called Life

It has been some time since my last post, I deeply regret that. I must confess that I have had a bit of writers block, or should I say I have been looking for a writing path that will offer some value to you the reader. You have a lot of options out there and I don’t want to waste your time. I would hope that in some small way what I write will be reflected upon, and bring value to your life.

I have two passions in this life. First, is to see us live a life of true self-healing and not be controlled by the giant medical establishment that says we must take this pill or that pill only to mask what is really going on inside us. After spending 30 years inside the medical machine, I now know that we have been programmed to believe that we need X,Y,Z in order to feel better and heal. This is plain and simply not true. Now that modern science can measure and study everything from the genome to consciousness, I think it is high time to use those finding to shift the way we see ourselves and how we truly are capable of healing ourselves, without all the drugs and surgeries. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not saying we don’t need acute treatment like ERs and ORs for emergencies, but if we would begin to live lives of health and wellness from birth, I believe we can shift the belief that this little blue pill will cure us!

My second passion is also intertwined into my professional life, but is being slowly connected to my personal life. I can only speak for myself, but I know that I am not alone when I say that most of us have two lives. The life of your private self and the life of your public self, interestingly enough, living two lives can truly be challenging. So let me ask you which of those lives is the real you! Aw! You don’t know which one is real. You have been living this way for so long you have no idea which one is real. I came to this realization about 6-8 months ago, that I have been living a lie. I had finally hit a point of diminished return. I could no longer manage either, then it hit me. Why not live in full transparency, you know like bring the personal secret life and combining it with the public life that image that you project outside of yourself.

This really hit home last night, while speaking with a close friend. She had asked me a very powerful question! I paused for a moment with trepidation, then I realize I had an opportunity to be transparent and live in both my lives at the same time. Let me set the stage for you. This friend is in her mid 40’s, single, and has been very cautious over the last several years with her desire to be involved in a loving relationship. This was a self-imposed healing, for she had been deeply hurt in the past and felt it necessary to remove herself from those dating environments. So now she is back to feeling as though she is ready to find another soul mate and she asked me a very powerful, yet painful question. “Why do men lie?”

I have to say I was struck speechless for a moment. Those that know me would find that hard to believe, Jed speechless NOT! But this was critical at this juncture in both of our lives, hers the point of trust, and mind the point of transparency. My response was this, remember I have shifted my consciousness about living a life of transparency, I said I have no idea why they would lie it will only come back to haunt them later. Then it dawned on me, all my early programming came back to me! It was about control, about ego, especially about self-esteem. We cannot let this beautiful young lady think I am not altogether. I cannot let her know I have some flaws. I cannot let her know that I am vulnerable in this area or that. She needs to know that I am strong and capable, and oh I really want sex so I will do whatever it takes to move this in that direction.

Well gentlemen, I am going to move this discussion so that you may understand. That process you have been living is bull. It is a lie, everyone knows it is a lie, and furthermore do you believe for a moment, that the young ladies you are pursuing are stupid! Dude if you want what you are after, just ask! We really aren’t that much different. There are some soft differences, but for the most part, we each are looking for companionship, belonging, love, conversation, and yes sex. But please please don’t make that the end goal, and for goodness sakes freeken ask, you will be surprised what the answer may be. Look, we are both seeking very similar ideas and concepts on this journey, like love companionship, conversation, safety, security, healthy relationships, by God you don’t need to lie to get it.

So gets, this leaves me with my close. I would like to invite you to join a conversation that two of my colleagues and I have started. This conversation is the brain trust of a Spiritual Teacher by the name of Josh Dunn. Josh has been on this journey for some time now and has offered a forum for men to speak their truths and speak from their authentic self. And if you are just now awakening from your slumber and are not sure what that authentic self is, come join the conversation and let us help you find that. Check us out on facebook at the Beyond Survival Group:

Here is to you and your journey!

In Spirit
Jed A. Reay

Mar 09 2011

Transformational Thought for March 9 2011

This quote really hit home for me today I hope this transformational moment causes you to shift your process and your thought, enjoy.

“To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief systems, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds.” This quote is by one of my heroes, a turn of the century philosopher and some believe to be the father of the modern day personal development movement William James

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